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Sole Trader and Partnership Mapping Codes - V3

When setting up a trial balance for a sole trader you should use the following codes for the Sole Trader / Proprietor’s current account:

Nominal Description Mapping
4001 Proprietor's current a/c - b/fwd H00.00.01
4002 Proprietor’s capital introduced H00.00.02
4003 Proprietor’s drawings H00.00.03
4004 Proprietor’s private payments H00.00.04

Note: Where the trial balance has been imported, the nominal codes will vary.  The mapping codes selected must match those shown above.

And when you set up the trial balance for a partnership you should use the Partner 1 – 10 codes:

Nominal Description Mapping
4011 Current a/c b/fwd - Partner 1  H01.01.01
4028 Capital transfer   H01.01.04  
4013 Drawings - Partner 1 H01.01.05  
4014 Salary - Partner 1 H01.01.06
4015 Interest on capital - Partner 1 H01.01.07

The middle 2 digits of the mapping code refer to the individual partner.  So the mapping code for Drawings by Partner 2 will be H01.02.05.

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