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Corporation Tax Top Tips - Did you know?

Did you know you can create SA700’s in CaseWare?

Using the company registration dropdown menu in the Company Details worksheet you can select the option Non-resident Coy - SA700 and prepare form SA700 using the wizard.

Did you know that you can raise an issue on an individual figure in Caseware Corporation Tax?

Right-click on the figure where you wish to raise the issue and select the appropriate option.

When the reviewer then jumps to the issue it is circled to identify the relevant figure.

Did you know that you can link documents from the Document Manager to different sections in Caseware Corporation Tax?

Right-click on the and select the option for Annotate.

From here you can select a document from the Document Manager you can enter a manual reference.

Did you know you can manually reduce your Capital Allowances claim in CaseWare Corporation Tax? 

In the Capital Allowances summary, select the tick box for ‘Allow override of CAs’ and the cells will turn into manual input cells.

It is not possible to over claim Capital Allowances as the software will prevent this from happening.

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