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Inserting Cells for Tagging - Boolean (True/False) Tags

Some tags in the varying iXBRL taxonomies end with the marker [true/false]

This means they are expecting a Boolean piece of information to be tagged, i.e. data which is cleanly either TRUE or FALSE.


Within Caseware, this is best achieved by inserting a cell that acts as a tick box, with ticked for true, and unticked for false. 

To create a cell of this nature, follow the below steps.

1. To insert a cell, you will need to be in enable editing mode.

2. Select the following C1 option to insert a cell. 

Note: This option may be greyed out on certain locations in the accounts. Typically you will need to ensure you are inserting to a green-editable section.


3. Select a number for the cell (typically inserted cells should begin USX to avoid conflict with standard cells).


4. Select Check box from the cell type option, ensure you tick display only and input cell where highlighted in the below screenshot.

Note: it is the display-only option that prevents the tick box from printing in the accounts.


5. Hit OK to confirm.

You will now be able to select the cell and tag as necessary. Remember that ticked is true, and unticked is false.

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