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Inserting Cells for Tagging - Numeric

Where tags may need to be applied to individual figures or numbers, rather than to an entire line, it is necessary to insert this information into a Numeric cell. 

To create a cell of this nature, please follow the below steps.

1. Enter enable editing mode.

2. Select the following C1 option to insert a cell. Note: This option may be greyed out on certain locations in the accounts. Typically you will need to ensure you are inserting into a green-editable section.


3. Select a number for the cell (typically inserted cells should begin USX to avoid conflict with standard cells).


4. Select Numeric from the cell type at the top, and input cell as per the below screenshot.


5. By default, numeric cells are set as if to fit into a table array, rather than into inline text. 

To correct this, go to the Numeric menu on the left-hand side, and select the Width field as Variable. There are a lot of settings here, but generally, only this setting needs correcting.


6. Hit OK on this menu to confirm the cell creation.

Now apply any relevant monetary or other numeric tags. 

Note: As part of the tag, you will need to select the correct Numeric option to differentiate between a monetary or another amount.

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