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Caseware Cloud Status

In order to assist our Caseware Cloud users (including those working with Caseware SmartSync) the availability status of Caseware Cloud can be monitored using the following webpage:


The page will display the following summary:




Your Cloud account (unless agreed otherwise) will be housed in the United Kingdom (UK) region.

Expanding this section will allow you to see a breakdown of the Cloud components.



Caseware Cloud Service: Front end application and API services

SmartSync Cloud Service: Service used to perform SmartSync uploads and downloads

SE Platform: Cloud engagements


Each component will include a status, as one of the following:


  • Operational
  • Under maintenance
  • Degraded performance
  • Partial outage
  • Major outage


The most severe status assigned to any component will also be flagged against the region in the compressed view shown in the first image above.

Your account (unless agreed otherwise) will be stored on one of the following 3 UK servers allocated to customers of Caseware UK Limited:


United Kingdom 1 (UK1)

United Kingdom 2 (UK2)

United Kingdom 3 (UK3)


As a result, a status change flagged against United Kingdom will not necessarily affect you. For example, there may be a partial outage that only relates to UK1. 


For clarification, refer to the detailed messaging for that specific incident. Furthermore, if an issue exists that affects our users, it is likely there would be a banner displayed at the top of the screen when accessing this Help Site.


There may be scenarios where one of the 3 servers listed above is affected but the other 2 are not. In this case, you will need to know which server facilitates your Caseware Cloud account. For clarification on which server your account is assigned to, refer to the LICENSES tab in your MyCaseWare account:



This information is also included in upgrade notification emails and, if necessary, our Technical Support Team will be able to assist with these details.

If you believe there is an availability issue with any Caseware Cloud component (that has not been reported on the status page or on the Help Site), please contact us so we can investigate.


Scheduled maintenance


Scheduled maintenance periods are also disclosed on the following webpage:


Maintenance notifications are grouped by server. You will need to know which server facilitates your Caseware Cloud account. This information will have been communicated in upgrade emails but is also information that our support team can provide you with.


Non-emergency maintenance is typically scheduled at least a week in advance and will be performed outside of normal working hours. Scheduled maintenance will also be flagged on your Cloud login screen and in the toolbar, whilst in the app.

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