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ePack Guide

What is an ePack? ePacks are periodic updates to the Caseware templates, which update the Knowledge Libraries and Table Layouts. ePacks are released to ensure that disclosure is up to date, tagging information is current and any bugs that have... Read More

How do I check what ePack levels I have installed?

1. In order to check what ePacks you have installed, select the Home icon to navigate to your Digital Dashboard.   2. Once the Digital Dashboard has loaded, use the Other docs dropdown menu to select Support information.   3. The dashboard will... Read More

Pension Releases

epP3.13.01 We have released an ePack to update the Caseware Pension template, in line with changes required for revised ISAs.  Please note that this ePack is suitable for Working Papers versions 2020 and 2021, and is applicable to the Accounts3... Read More

Out of date Tax rates - Error

The error below relating to Out of date Tax rates indicates you are not up to date with your ePacks. You need to ensure you are up to date with Corporation Tax ePacks as these include updates to the RPI rates tables. To check which ePack you... Read More

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