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 How To

Analysis section missing from the work programmes

The analysis section shown below may be missing from some work programmes, this can be added from within the settings.   1. Navigate to the settings icon within the work program.  2. Within the settings select the option you require for the... Read More

Can Template updates be applied to existing Cloud Engagements?

It is not possible to apply changes to an existing engagement from a template, this includes both changes made by an admin and content updates made by our development team.Any new Cloud Engagement is based on the version of the Template at the point... Read More

Consolidation in Smart Engagement

Click here for guidance on Consolidated Smart Engagement within Caseware cloud The following templates have the consolidation feature. UK Academies SAM (Mercia) UK Company Audit (Mercia) UK LLP Audit (Mercia) Read More

How do I use the Bulk Print function in Smart Engagement?

1. While in the Documents tab, select the Bulk Print button from the left tab.   2. In the Bulk Print window that opens, select +New Document Group.   3. In the field for New Document Group, enter a name for the Printing group (1). Next,... Read More

Why are my documents missing in my Cloud Engagement

If there a documents missing in your Cloud Engagement, it may be that they are hidden (as it t is not possible to delete standard documents from the template). 1. To show the hidden items, click on the three dots in the top-left and activate Hidden... Read More