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How to disclose shares treated as debt

If you have shares classified as debt under FRS102 Section 22, use the D30* mapping numbers (Shares treated as debt <1yr) or E30* mapping numbers (Shares treated as debt >1yr). 1. For Any class of share that is not being treated as debt, use... Read More

How to query a cell calculation

On most cells in the accounts, it is possible to query the cell calculation. 1. Double-click on the cell. This will launch the calculation explorer below.2. In this example the cell calculation contains the mapping number D02.02.00.01, indicating... Read More

Linking an inserted cell to a map number

1. In the cell, properties click on the General tab and then click the ... button to open the calculation editor.   2. Under the Functions tab select Linkage and MAP(Param1, Param2, Op3) which will display calculation guidance for linking a ... Read More

Where are my SOCIE figures coming from?

The figures that populate the Statement of Changes in Equity are driven directly by mapping and can only be affected by changing the mapping.  1. If you want to find out where a figure is coming from, you can use the Tech Support info button... Read More