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Cannot sort sections that overlap - Error Message when sorting

If you receive the below error message when sorting sections within the accounts, please ensure you have the latest AccountsAdvanced ePack installed and all updates accepted in the file.   Should the error re-occur after fully updating your file,... Read More

Caseware Working papers crashing when opening documents

In the instance that Working Papers keeps on crashing and is affecting multiple files, it is advisable to change your default printer settings as some printers are not compatible with Caseware. Please close your Caseware and change your default... Read More

Cyclic Calculation Error

Cyclic calculation errors usually occur when a note's calculation has been amended in some way.     To correct this, locate the note which contains the problem cell and run a Remove and Replace. The reference in the error message relates... Read More

Error With Column Width in Print Preview

When using the Print Preview within the Accounts, you may receive an error message like the one below. This is caused by the Measurement Settings within Caseview. These settings should be set to Imperial (Inches). To change your measurement... Read More

How can I clear a section overlap error message?

If you receive the below error messages when trying to sort areas within the accounts. This error occurs when one tag has been applied to more than one section of the accounts. With the release of ep4.05.02, we have introduced a section overlap... Read More

Insertion point error in accounts

When using a custom file for your header you may see an error(s) referring to insertion points and headers missing from your accounts. This is due to using an older version of the headers based on the current custom header file. 1. Rename the... Read More

Permission denied error message in CaseView - with QuickVid

You may find that you are getting the error message below when trying to open CaseView. To remove this error, and allow access to CaseView, follow these steps:   1. Browse to where Caseware is installed, and locate the Caseware folder. 2. Right... Read More

Recalculate error - Error in calculation when entering text

When creating a custom note or cell, you may come across the following error:This error occurs when text is entered into a calculation field. 1. If the text is to be entered into an Input Cell, delete the text from the cell properties and return to... Read More

Warning message when adjusting column width

To clear the following warning, follow the steps below, depending on whether using Default or Firm Styles:   If using Default Styles 1. On the Toolbar, select Style.    2. Choose Reapply Default Style sets.  If using a Firm Style 1.... Read More