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Caseware Working Papers Update

We are pleased to announce our release of the latest version of Caseware Working Papers 2023. This release provides a full program upgrade to the latest version of Caseware 2023.00.135 (Release 2) and the latest Accounts Production, Corporation Tax (UK only) and Audit templates and supersedes all previous versions. 


Installation Notes

We recommend that you refer to the 'Caseware Upgrade Considerations' document. This document, along with the installation and release notes can be founhere. 


Support for Working Papers 2022

Support for Working Papers 2022 will be withdrawn at the end of May 2024. We urge clients to upgrade as early as possible and let us know if you require any assistance



Before beginning any installation we strongly recommend that you have backups of your data files and the following user-defined components:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\CaseWare\Resources\Databases [CDB1.cdx ,CDB1.dbf, CDB1.fpt, CDBPC.cdx, CDBPC.dbf & CDBPC.fpt]
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\CaseWare\Resources\Knowledge Library\Custom [all files]
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\CaseWare\Resources\StyleSheets [firm.sty & trst-firm.sty] 

We recommend you refer to the 'Caseware Upgrade Considerations' document, which can be found here.

If you use SmartSync, we also recommend you refer to the 'Caseware SmartSync Quick Setup Guide' document, which can be found here.


Downloadable Contents

The downloadable contents that you receive will depend on the licences that you have with us, and only your relevant downloads and passwords will be in your email.

The program install bundle contains:

  • Caseware Working Papers 2023.00.135 (Release 2)
  • Caseware Data Store Admin Tool 2023 v135r2
  • Connector 2023 v000.015

Documentation (including installation and upgrade instructions) 

The template install bundle contains:

Accounts template installation incorporating ePacks:

  • 07.04 (AccountsAdvanced/AccountsAdvanced IFRS)
  • 07.02r1 (AccountsAdvanced Charity/Academy)
  • 12.01 (Accounts 3)
  • 15.04r1 (UK Corporation Tax)
  • 14.01 (Pension accounts)

 AuditAdvanced (Mercia)

  • Company Audit v24.0.02
  • Charity Audit v24.0.01
  • Academy Audit v24.0.03
  • LLP Audit v24.0.01
  • Pension Audit v24.0.01
  • Assurance v24.0.01
  • Common Components Mercia v24.01.07 (v24 2023)

AuditAdvanced (HAT)

  • HAT Working Papers v24.0.02
  • HAT Unincorporated v24.0.00
  • HAT Charity v24.0.01
  • Common Components HAT v24.04.02 (v24 2023)


Installation & ePacks

This release incorporates the latest ePacks in the full installation. Please see below what steps to take to get onto the latest version of Working Papers (2023.00.135 Release 2)

If you are up to date with the latest ePacks, follow these steps:
1. Install Working Papers 2023
2. Open all templates to automatically convert them to Working Papers 2023

If you are NOT up to date with the latest ePacks, follow these steps:
1. Install Working Papers 2023
2. Install the templates bundles
3. If you are installing Audit and Accounting templates, ensure that you install the Audit templates first, followed by the Accounting templates. 

For a full list of all installation manuals and guides, click here. 


Help Site & Downloads

We take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of the Releases Area of our Help Site to help keep your installation up to date.
You can also turn to the Help Site for further information on installations, ePacks going-forward and a comprehensive support database answering the majority of support queries. 
If you have any queries about this release, please contact our support team on +44(0)1622 355250 or



To help with your transition to Working Papers 2023, our Education & Media team will be holding a webinar on 25th January 2024. Registration for the webinar can be found here

For training enquiries, or for any other template requirements, please contact our sales team on +44(0)1622 355200 for further information.

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