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Accessing the Accounts Production Tracker

To access the tracker in Caseware Cloud, click on the three lines in the top-left and select Dashboards.   The following screen will present the saved Dashboard layouts. Choose Accounts Engagement Tracker.   Once loaded you will see the Accounts... Read More

Completion Events for Tracker

Tracker events will be trigger either by manual user-input or by the completion of certain aspects of the accounts.  Below are the four areas that you can manually complete by ticking the Actioned box, which will then populate the name of the user... Read More

Converting files to Caseware 2021 using Tracker

Caseware Tracker provides the functionality to bulk-convert engagement files to the latest version of Caseware: 1. Select the files to be converted (use Ctrl and click to make multiple selections) 2. Right-click and select Convert to (the installed... Read More

Engagement Tracker in Accounts - with QuickVid

The Engagement Tracker tool will allow users to monitor the progress of assignments. 1. On the Engagement Setup section of the Wizard a section called Key Deliverables is available. 2. Click on the + button to expand this section.   3. Deadlines... Read More