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 Error Messages

'On Opening script failed' Error message

If you receive an On Opening script failed error message, this may be due to templates not being installed.   1. Click here for guidance on checking your templates. 2. If your template window appears similar to the below, or the template your... Read More

'Unlicensed for this client type' error - with QuickVid

If you see a warning that you are unlicensed for this client type (when you have purchased the entity type in question), the solution is to update or re-enter your serial number. Please see further guidance on this process here. Visit our... Read More

"Unable to Load Strings" - File Loading Error Message

When the accounts are corrupted the error message Unable to load strings will appear when trying to open the Accounts document.  Click here for instructions on restoring the accounts back to a previous version.  Read More

Bookmark not found - Error Message

If you receive a Bookmark not found error message when opening the Wizard or Accounts, this indicates that the bookmark (identifier) for the document has been moved, deleted, or corrupted.   1. Locate the document in Document Manager, right... Read More

Cannot convert Parent on Cloud Error

When attempting to convert a smartsync file in Caseware Working Papers from one version to another you may experience this issue. 1. Access the file on the cloud via a web browser, URL in form{your firm name}. 2. Open the file... Read More

Connector #VALUE!/#NAME Error - with QuickVid

If you get an error such as #VALUE! and the Caseware Working Papers links are broken you will need to check your add-ins within Excel.   1. Go to File, Options then Add-ins. You will see 3 Add-ins: Caseware Connector (COM ADD-in) CWProto Connector... Read More

Converting files from previous versions of Working Papers

When opening a client file for the first time after upgrading your version of CaseWare Working Papers, you will be prompted with the warning message below. An option will be given to backup prior to converting the file using the option available in... Read More

Corrupt local datastore

If the local DataStore becomes corrupt, or out of synchronisation with the shared DataStore there will usually be errors such as the below. Error 1 Error 2   Error 3 Or when Caseware displays that the user is not assigned to the group. To check... Read More

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