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Error reading file, contents are corrupted - Error Opening File

The error message error reading file, contents are corrupted can be as a result of:

  • Computer crashing whilst in the middle of a CaseView document
  • Shutting down a computer whilst the CaseView document is still open
  • Inadequate network connections can cause a file to shut down incorrectly

To revert the accounts document back to a previous version the backup file (.bak) can be renamed.



1. Close all instances of Caseware.

2. Browse to where your file is located using file explorer.

3. Make sure that the files are put in order and make sure that there is a bak file. 

For example, ACCWIZ.bak would be for the accounts.


4. Locate the matching .cvw file.

This is the current, corrupt document.

Rename the .cvw file type section to .old.

Once renamed, rename the .bak file to .cvw


5. Check the accounts to see if they open correctly. 


No .bak file present

If you do not have any bak files or the process did not work, you will need to restore the accounts document via the copy components function.

Note: We recommend taking a backup of the file before running this process as any customisation within the accounts document will be lost.

For guidance on this process, click here.


The Wizard/Accounts document will need to be deleted from the document manager before running this process

Alternatively, contact your IT support to restore a backup of the Caseware file. 

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