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 Installation and Setup

Accessing Caseware files whilst working away from the office

There are a few ways to do this. If you have an office Computer see if the IT dept. Will allow you to remote access this via an RDP link. If your company has a terminal server or Citrix then this is a good way to access Caseware files. Using... Read More

Adding users to the DataStore using active directory

The main reason to access the Datastore Administration Tool after having created the datastore is to add users to the datastore from Active Directory to allow a new employee access to any protected engagements or templates. 1. Open the datastore... Read More

Antivirus exclusions for Caseware Working Papers

Some anti-virus software may conflict with Working Papers and SmartSync functionality by locking required files as they are scanned. The following procedures will exclude the sync files from being scanned and should be implemented on workstations... Read More

Auto-delete sync copy via the Registry

1. Navigate within the registry: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CaseWare International\Working Papers\2022.00\Settings 2. Then locate the AutoDeleteSyncCopy, the table below displays what each value dictates. Value... Read More

Best Practices for Citrix and Terminal Server

See the links below for the best practice for Citrix and Terminal servers.  Set up Working Papers in a Citrix or terminal server environment  About SmartSync on Citrix and terminal servers   Click here to view details of Working Papers... Read More

Caseware installation will not finish because of Windows Installer Coordinator issue

Caseware Working Papers fail to install on a Citrix/Terminal Server/RDP   Note: The following steps should only be undertaken by an IT professional. 1. Select Cancel on the error and close out of the update. 2. Click the Start button. 3. In the... Read More

Caseware Working Papers - Documentation

Please find below useful documentation for Caseware Working Papers.  Working Papers Caseware Application Installation Notes Caseware Datastore Administration Tool Caseware EL Licensing Caseware Further Upgrade Considerations Caseware New... Read More

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