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What is Caseware Connector?

Caseware Connector is an add-in that links MS Excel and MS Word to Caseware files, enabling any changes in Caseware data to be reflected immediately in any linked Word or Excel document. Use Connector for a wide range of accounting applications, including - management accounting, analytical review, graphical presentation, and the automation of audit working papers.

Key features of Caseware Connector include:

  • Integrate data with any part of Caseware Working Papers' database, including amounts and properties of accounts.
  • Add full annotations  including referencing, tick marks, and drill down to supporting documents and transactions
  • Formula builder wizard
  • Link to existing MS Excel-based models

Find out more about how to use Connector in your business by calling our sales team on - 01622 355200

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  • Software platform: Working Papers 2022