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Renewing a Network License

Network codes are distributed in the following format:-


*E uTFussEIMBxDm:lTJK2n3kxgG:pXiasP4PGn1HnAOBLc8WBdJGIi7PEDVRFuhVB2fqxbkOtMxLPR00pW:Co03FLaVWJw3E:I:xfhtPQmAZxe3I3iWwsIzX8p:UkUgRytZ9f13TDwOF4XXaKY8QvFAVC731HwwDVSKQytL:O9Vs7skDf3KxTLMYe6kI0N11u1pAWP3y# "UK" version "2019", expires Midnight of Jun 30, 2021, additive



Network codes are added centrally using the License Administration Tool located on the designated server.


An indication of the server can be seen on client machines.


1. In the Administrator's Workstation run the License Manager.

2. Expand Subnet Servers.


3. Right click on the relevant server.




4. Select Add Feature, From a String, To server and its file.



5. Paste your License Code.





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