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Editing the CV.VER

If you need to edit the CV.VER (for example, to add content supplied by the Technical Support team), follow these steps:

1. Close all instances of Working Papers

2. Open File Explorer in Windows

3. Browse to where Caseware is installed (C:/Program Files (x86)/CaseWare) (this will differ for network installations. Speak with your IT department if you are unsure)

4. In the search field, type in CV.VER

5. Open the CV.VER file in Notepad (If prompted to choose a program to open the file wit, select Notepad)

6. Add the supplied lines at the bottom

7. Save and Close Notepad

8. Open Caseware and work as normal.

Note: If you reinstall Working Papers, the CV.VER file will revert to default (without the recalculate setting), requiring to repeat the above steps.

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  • Software platform: Working Papers 2022, Working Papers 2023