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Accessing Caseware files whilst working away from the office

There are a few ways to do this.

  • If you have an office Computer see if the IT dept. Will allow you to remote access this via an RDP link.
  • If your company has a terminal server or Citrix then this is a good way to access Caseware files.
  • Using Caseware SmartSync with files stored on the cloud. (do not try and access a SmartSync file stored on your network unless you connected via citrix or terminal series)
  • By signing the file out to your Computer via VPN.

To sign out a file whilst using a VPN

1. Open Caseware, but do not try to open the file

2. Click on Sign in/Out, Browse to the file over vpn.

3. Make sure compressed central copy is unticked.

4. This will bring a copy of the file locally to work on your Computer.


Note: While on your Computer it will not be backed up so you need you make regular backups using Caseware’s built-in backup facilities.

To sign the file back in first compress the file then file the sign in/out menu select the file to sign back in.


Accessing directly using VPN

Accessing Caseware files directly should never be performed over VPN, the reason for this is mainly because the file may become corrupted.

For most internet connections there is a context ratio, for BT lines this is usually 1-50 meaning you share the line from your cabinet with 50 other broadband homes.

It is normal to have an upload speed of around 10mb so this method might not be suitable for all users.


Using a file share service like Dropbox or Onedrive

Both of these can be used to transfer a compressed file the file should never be opened directly for either of these.

We have had many clients contact us because they have lost all of their data due to the way file share services work.


Caseware running slowly

If you find Caseware is running slower working from home than it does in the office even with the file local it may be down to the default printer.

If you have a VPN connection and your default printer is back in the office then Caseware will still try to use these drivers.

Whilst away from the office we recommend you change the default printer to either the one locally to you or to Caseware’s built-in pdf.

These settings can be found within Windows.

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