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Installing Caseware Electronic Licencing Version on a Server

Install the Caseware License Server Administration  

Install the Sentinel RMS License Manager 9.5.3

Click on START>All Programs>CaseWare International>License Server>Get Locking Code

Highlight and copy the locking code then Email a copy along with a screenshot of the locking code to



1. Once you receive a License code back, click on start all Programs Caseware International then click on License Manager (\Program Files (x86)\CaseWare International\License Administration\ WlmAdmin.exe)      


2. Right-click on subnet server and follow the steps from the screenshot above.

3. Add the entire license string license To server and its file.

4. Install Caseware and templates and open Caseware. You will be prompted to Register Now.

5. Select Network from the license option.

6. Click on the drop down and select the server from the drop-down list then click on OK.

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