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Academy Hub Mapping Guidelines

Introduced in Academy ePack epCA4.06.02 (and the associated tPack epCA4.06.02t), Caseware provides specific mapping codes for Academy Hub income & expenditure. For the full list of Academy Hub mapping codes, please click here.  For general... Read More

Defined benefits pension scheme mapping guidelines

Use the following map codes to provide full disclosure in the notes:   At end of Balance Sheet net assets section:   If your pension scheme is a liability overall (N.B. These codes are repeated for each scheme):       F20.01.00.01    ... Read More

How to query a cell calculation

On most cells in the accounts, it is possible to query the cell calculation. 1. Double-click on the cell. This will launch the calculation explorer below.2. In this example the cell calculation contains the mapping number D02.02.00.01, indicating... Read More

Linking an inserted cell to a map number

1. In the cell, properties click on the General tab and then click the ... button to open the calculation editor.   2. Under the Functions tab select Linkage and MAP(Param1, Param2, Op3) which will display calculation guidance for linking a ... Read More