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Custom Audit Report in AccountsAdvanced - Getting Started

Click here for an interactive guide on creating a Custom Audit Report in the Company AccountsAdvanced template. The guide covers the following areas: 1. Where to find your Custom Audit Report2. Populating your Report3. Setting up your Styles4.... Read More

How to create a continued header for a Custom Audit Report

By default, the custom Audit Report does not include Header 12 (which is the continued header). In order to bring this through, the first step is to create it within the custom Audit Report document - located within the Custom folder C:\Program... Read More

Bullet points not appearing in my custom audit report

An issue has been identified in which bullet points are not pulling through to the accounts, despite appearing in the custom audit KL.  1. To ensure these bullet points will pull through to the custom audit report using the Multilevel List button... Read More

How to tag a Custom Audit Report

The Custom Audit Report is not automatically tagged, it needs to be manually tagged.   Note: The Support team is not able to give advice on which information is required to be tagged or which tag is most appropriate to apply to a given piece of... Read More

How to add a custom audit report to my AccountsAdvanced file?

Note: In this example, we will import an IFRS Audit report but the process is the same for other engagements. Custom audit reports in AccountsAdvanced need to be based on the custom audit report KL for that template. The required KL can be found... Read More

How to create, use and distribute a custom Accountants' Report

You have the option to use a custom Accountants' Report, in place of the Caseware default report. Once created, you can use the custom report in all AccountsAdvanced files.1. To create the custom report, browse to the Caseware installation path... Read More

Pension auditors report and actuarial statements

Caseware provides a standard Auditor’s report and various Actuarial Statements. In addition, you can select the Free format option and tailor the report/statement exactly to your requirements. This is done from the face of the accounts after... Read More

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