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 Detailed P&L

Adjusting column widths

You have the option to adjust the column widths in Financial Statement and note tables. For specific guidance on setting narrow columns in the asset notes, please click here. 1. To adjust the column width, you must be in the Enable Editing mode ... Read More

Checking and changing how a row is populated - with QuickVid

You can check how a row is populated on most notes and financial statements in the accounts, with the exception of the SOCIE (for guidance on checking where a figure is coming from in the SOCIE click here). Rows are populated either from a note... Read More

Different types of cells

Numeric These only allow figures in the cells. You get Numeric options as the second tab on the left hand side. Within this section you have the options to do the following. Display zero as: Zeros can be shown differently, as dashes, Nil or blank.... Read More

How can I show a row with zero values? - with QuickVid

1. To show nil values in your accounts, select within the note or statement and use the Show all unused rows icon beneath the Table tab.   2. Click on the row you wish to show and select the Show row with zero values icon beneath the Table tab.... Read More

How to add/remove double underlines from a total

Double underlines can be added or removed from most total rows in notes or financial statements, see the example below.   1. Highlight the figure that requires a double underline, go to Table section of the Toolbar, and select the Double Underline... Read More

How to insert a new section into a note - with QuickVid

You can add new sections into notes or financial statement in the accounts, with the exception of the SOCIE. A section consists of a subheading, rows and a subtotal. 1. Show all unused rows on the note via the Show all unused rows icon beneath the... Read More

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