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How do I add/remove an indent in NoteBuilder? - with QuickVid

As standard, tables created within NoteBuilder have a left alignment applied to them. With the release of eP4.04.03, you can now remove this indent using Table Indent Tool as shown below.   Note: If you wish to reapply a left indent to a table,... Read More

I cannot see my Notebuilder note to insert in the accounts

After creating a NoteBuilder note while the Accounts document is open, the new note will be missing from the user defined list. To make this available, either close and open the Accounts document, or reload the toolbar as shown below: 1. On the... Read More

Printing or skipping columns in Notebuilder Advanced

There is an option in Notebuilder Advanced to toggle the option to show or hide column options.   In the above example, there are no prior year values, so this column requires skipping. 1. To toggle this, select the option for Column on the Table... Read More

Printing skipped rows in Notebuilder Advanced

By default, a row within Notebuilder will skip when there are no numerical values present on that row.  This will affect any rows header, for example the presentation of currency, or perhaps a break within the table for a new section in the... Read More

Using NotebuilderAdvanced for Financial Statements

1. On the Toolbar, in the Note section select the option for FS Note.   2. Under the Indent section, select the Table button.   3. Enter Enable Editing accessible from the Home tab, then select any Text Sections. Go to the Styles section... Read More