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Claims or reliefs affecting an earlier period - with QuickVid

Where a claim in a return reduces the Corporation Tax liability for an earlier period, you must tick box 45 on the CT600. 1. Open the Client setup section of the CTWizard and navigate to Repayment details under the Client setup section. 2. Tick... Read More

Corporate Interest Restriction (CIR) Worksheets - with QuickVid

1. To obtain the Corporate interest restriction, tick the Corporate interest restriction box (located under Associates and group details) within the Company details section of the CTWIZARD. 2. Once selected, a new worksheet will be available within... Read More

Corporation Tax DPL Worksheet - Look up map codes

Within the Caseware Corporation Tax template, the Detailed Profit and Loss account worksheet is pre-populated from the Trial Balance imported into the Caseware Working Papers file. This pre-population is accomplished using mapping masks, where... Read More

Corporation Tax Top Tips - Did you know?

Table of Contents Did you know you can create SA700’s in CaseWare? Did you know that you can raise an issue on an individual figure in Caseware Corporation Tax? Did you know that you can link documents from the Document Manager to different... Read More

Corporation Tax Wizard showing in Grey Colours

After installing the latest Corporation Tax epack epCT3.15.01 you will find that the Corporation Tax Wizard and worksheets are showing in a grey color. This is due to a rebranding of the product. Please see the example below. Read More

Entering Additions for Capital Allowances

1. Access the Capital Allowances Additions worksheet as shown below.   2. The Accounts summary section will automatically populate from the mapping within working papers. Note: If you do not use the Caseware trial balance you can manually... Read More

How do I print the CT600? - with QuickVid

To print your Company Tax Return form CT600, use the print function on your toolbar.   On the pop-up Print Dialog, untick your computation if you only require the CT600.    Click print to save the CT600 as a pdf document and then you will be... Read More

How to change Corporation Tax Reporting Currency

In the Corporation Tax module, the accounts reporting currency will default to GBP (£). 1. This is altered within the Other details section of the Company details section. 2. Use the drop-down to select the required currency. 3. An exchange rate... Read More

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