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Corporation Tax Wizard Stuck

There is a sporadic issue on the Corporation Tax Wizard whereby it is stuck on one screen, usually the Computations, and navigation elsewhere is prevented.   Double click on the company name to resolve the issue. Read More

epCT3.15.02 Submission Error

We have identified an issue with ePackCT3.15.02 released on 3rd April 2023 which is currently preventing the ability to submit to HMRC.   If you have not yet installed the ePack, you can continue to file with HMRC using the previous version ... Read More

Error - Account iXBRL or computation is malformed

If the accounts or computation show the error below as malformed the submission will need to be cancelled, KL updates taken after unlocking the file and then relocked and resubmitted.  For guidance on cancelling the submission click here.  For... Read More

Error 0000 0004 Unable to perform a data request

The following error will appear when the file has been unable to update from the old submission service due to the corruption of the file.    The file will need to be copied into a new file.  1. From the existing file click file and copy... Read More

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