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 Contents & Information Page

Adding your own items onto the Contents Page

If have created your own primary statement, such as a Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Accounts, Cash Flow Statement etc. While also having switched Caseware's default off, you will need to add these custom primary statements onto your Contents... Read More

Adjusting the spacing on the Contents Page - with QuickVid

You have the option to increase/decrease spacing between the lines on the Contents Page. 1. To increase row spacing, click the Increase row spacing icon on the Contents Page. 2. The option to increase row spacing can be used twice, with maximum... Read More

How do I amend the contents page numbers?

You may find that your Contents Page does not reference every Financial Statement or Report page. For example, the Balance Sheet below falls on both pages 7 and 8 but the Contents Page only references page 7. This is caused by the deletion of... Read More

How to change the font on the contents page

You may find that the page references on the Contents Page do not pick up the global font you have selected. To change the font of this section to match your global font, you will need to amend the style sheet. 1. Go into Enable Editing mode. (Please... Read More

How to insert page breaks - with QuickVid

You can insert a page break before and/or after any note, financial statement, accounting policy or report section. 1. Click anywhere within the note and select the Insert page break before this note icon beneath the Note tab to insert a page break... Read More

Missing page numbers in the accounts

The page numbers within the accounts are driven by the Page Footers, to refresh these: 1. Open the Wizard, go to Accounts Format, and then to the Style tab. 2. In the Presentation Style (Advanced) section, select the radial button for Standard ... Read More

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