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Adding bullet points to the audit report

You may wish to add further bullet points to the audit report. 1. Go into Enable editing mode from the View tab whilst having your cursor within the text section you want to add a bullet point to. Contact your Super User who will provide the... Read More

Bullet points not appearing in my custom audit report

An issue has been identified in which bullet points are not pulling through to the accounts, despite appearing in the custom audit KL.  1. To ensure these bullet points will pull through to the custom audit report using the Multilevel List button... Read More

Changing the professional body for the Accountants’ Report

To change the professional body for the Accountants’ Report, click on the question mark next to Chartered accountants report options at the top. The below options will appear. Use the dropdown menu for Select your professional body, if... Read More

Changing the text within Audit Report header

There is a way to change the text within the audit report headers to change the wording from the default shareholders to anything you want it to say.   1. In your accounts go to your Audit Report and click on AUDIT REPORT OPTIONS. 2. You will... Read More

Different types of cells

Numeric These only allow figures in the cells. You get Numeric options as the second tab on the left hand side. Within this section you have the options to do the following. Display zero as: Zeros can be shown differently, as dashes, Nil or blank.... Read More

How can I add an Accountants Report?

If the company is exempt from the requirement to have an audit and an Independent Assurance Report is not required, an Accountants Report can be activated. 1. This is driven from the options under the Audit requirement tab in the Start section of the... Read More

How can I remove a blank page in the Directors’ Report?

Note: You can apply the below solution to the Strategic Report A blank page or a large gap in the Director’s Report is likely caused by there being a large section within the report. For example, the first page of the Director’s Report... Read More

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