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 Cover Page

Disclosing a company formerly known as...

1. This can only be applied to a Custom Cover Page. 2. Go into Enable Editing mode. Select the line with the Header, then hit enter to add an additional line. 3. On the new line, create a cell, ensuring to use the settings outlined below.   4... Read More

How to add a logo onto the cover page

A custom cover page will need to be used to include a logo. Click here for guidance on creating a custom cover page.  Once the cover page has been created the logo can be added as an image either in the custom cover page or on the face of the... Read More

How to insert a logo onto the Cover Page

A logo can be added to the Cover Page of a single file or made available for use in all files. The following guide shows how to add a logo to the Cover Page for use in all files, for guidance on adding a logo to the Cover Page of a single file please... Read More

How to insert page breaks - with QuickVid

You can insert a page break before and/or after any note, financial statement, accounting policy or report section. 1. Click anywhere within the note and select the Insert page break before this note icon beneath the Note tab to insert a page break... Read More

Missing headers, footers or cover page

If the headers, footers or cover page are missing in the accounts they can be loaded or re-loaded via the Wizard. 1. Go to the Wizard via the Navigation toolbar in the accounts.   2. Open the Style tab in the Accs Format section of the Wizard. ... Read More

Problems with Headers/Footers/Cover Page

The following problems can occur with the headers/footers/cover page. They are missing Custom changes are not pulling through from the Wizard Error messages are showing where the header/footer/cover page should be To resolve the above issue the... Read More