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Accounts Preparation Table

The Accounts Preparation Table is used to define the overall content of the financial statements. Table of Contents Navigating the Account Preparation Table Relevant To This Client Disclosure Override Reason Over-Ridden Lock Update Further options... Read More

Black lines appearing in print preview

When looking at a print preview of you accounts, you may find that there are bold black lines to the right of the page, see example below: These lines are caused by the Edit Pencil tool being switched on within CaseView.  These lines will not... Read More

Calculations for date cells

In Financials, certain cells have been created by Caseware to show date formats. For example: DATE1 clp13 Reads date for current year based on engagement profile. e.g. 31 December 2006 DATE2 itod(dmy(day(clp13),month(clp13),year... Read More

Capitalisation in headers - with QuickVid

You can amend Header capitalisation by changing the text style properties.1. Select a header you wish to amend and double-click in the style dropdown box to load the style applied to the header.   2. Click on the icon to toggle between uppercase... Read More

Changing measurements in CaseView - With Quick-Vid

CaseView has the option when first launched to display in imperial or metric units. Note: You must select imperial units for CaseView to function correctly. 1. Open a CaseView document (i.e. Accounts, Wizard) and selecting File, New.   2.... Read More

Creating a cell in AccountsAdvanced

Sometimes within CaseView it will be necessary to create a cell, for example within a user inserted note. 1. Navigate to where you would like to create a cell. You must then turn on Enable Editing by selecting View, Enable Editing.     2. Click... Read More

Creating a Custom Date Cell - with QuickVid

1. Enter into Enable Editing mode, contact your primary Caseware user if you are unsure of the password. 2. Use the insert tab and click on the cell button in insert a new cell.   3. There will be a prompted to enter a cell name. We advise using a... Read More

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