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How to create and distribute custom headers, footers and cover page

The AccountsAdvanced template has the ability to set custom styles for the headers, footers and cover page.

These custom styles can then be applied by the company and rolled out across all machines using the AccountsAdvanced template. 

Note: It is important to understand that the settings are applied to the machine and not the template itself. The customisations are achieved via the variety of Resource files normally set per machine (or in a Citrix environment, per Citrix server).


Process of customisation

The custom styles are set within a file, and then the relevant resources copied out to other machines.

1. In a file, open the Wizard.


2. Go to the Accs Format section, and then the style Tab.


3. Expand the Presentation style (advanced) section.

Set the items you wish to customise to the Custom radial option for each.


4. Click the Amend button to open the Edit window for an item.

Make the necessary changes to each one, and click the Return button to close and save the changes.


5. The changes made here are saved in custom knowledge library files pictured below. 

The Default save path for these is: C:\Program Files (x86)\CaseWare\Resources\Knowledge Library\Custom

Note: The route of the path will differ if Caseware is not saved to the Default Location.


6. If you want a copy of these settings to be pulled into all New Files, and provide the option to update these in Existing Files, select the Save current settings as computer default.

This will write the necessary Database Files for this.

Note: If the customisations are only required for one or some files, do not save as computer default.


The default path for these Database files, pictured below, are saved and updated to is: C:\Program Files (x86)\CaseWare\Resources\Databases


Note: You can load the current saved computer settings into any file by selecting the Load button in the Presentation style (advanced) section.

7. To distribute the Custom items, and Database settings if required, a copy of the 3 Corp-******custom.cvw and 3 CDB1.*** will need to be distributed onto each machine, and saved in the same locations as pictured above (or the matching path if not using the Default Save Locations).


Using COMPSET to prevent changes

Within the Caseware COMPSET, the client file restrictions can be used to prevent changes being made to your customisations.

1. Open the COMPSET, on the Digital Dashboard in Working Papers, highlight the Other docs dropdown and then select Computer settings.


2. Select the Client File Restrictions tab, and then tick the option to Disable Header/Footer change.

Note: If you would like to restrict the individual Caseware file, use the tickbox for CLIENT FILE restrictions below.

3. The COMPSET writes these settings to the same database files mentioned above. These are the only database files that require distribution between machines.

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