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Accounts document doesn't open from the wizard?

There are 2 common reasons that the accounts will not open when clicking on the fin stats button from the wizard. 1. The accounts document does not have the correct name in the document manager.  2. To check that the name is correct right-click on... Read More

Accounts Preparation table is locked

If you are in the Accounts Prep table and you find that you are unable to make changes, this is due to it being locked. The word LOCKED will display in a red banner in the Wizard as well as a padlock on your toolbar on your main accounts.   The... Read More

Adding an Extra Bank Account - with QuickVid

Watch this video for an overview of how to add an extra bank account to your company information page, in addition to the standard three accounts provided in the Wizard. Visit our Client Services YouTube Channel for more QuickVids. Read More

How do I unlock the Accounts? - with QuickVid

The accounts are locked once the completion dates have been entered into the Accounts Completion section of the Wizard. Once the Accounts are locked, an orange padlock will appear on the toolbar. This stops the user from being able to check for... Read More

How to amend headers on a specific file

If you need to make a one-off change to a header, you can do so within the file that you are working on.   1. Ensure that Custom headers are selected in the Wizard, on the Style tab under Accs Format.       2. To find out the relevant header to... Read More

How to amend the descriptions within the accounts

You can amend various account descriptions via the Final considerations tab in the Accs Format section of the Wizard.The Descriptions section allows you to amend the description of the period to show in the body of the reports, the director(s)... Read More

How to change how the word 'Auditor' is displayed

You have the option to change how the word Auditor is displayed in the Accounts, via the General Info section of the Wizard and under the Auditors tab. Use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate description. Please see below results for each... Read More

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