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How to insert page breaks - with QuickVid

You can insert a page break before and/or after any note, financial statement, accounting policy or report section. 1. Click anywhere within the note and select the Insert page break before this note icon beneath the Note tab to insert a page break... Read More

How to justify text

Text justification can be amended by changing the Style properties. 1. Place the cursor in the area of text that needs to be justified and double-click into the style box beneath the Style tab. 2. Use the paragraph buttons to change the justification... Read More

How to remove an inserted report section

To remove an inserted report section, select the section title (or any text within the report) and click the Remove icon beneath the Note tab. Please note: once removed, it is not possible to restore an inserted note. Use the same method to... Read More

How to sort sections in the Directors’ Report

1. The Sort options icon beneath the Presentation tab on the Accounts toolbar. 2. Select the Directors' Report sections. 3. The Manual Section Sort dialog will open. Click the section you want to move and use the Move up/Move down buttons to... Read More

How to sort the Financial Statements

1. Click the Sort options icon beneath the Presentation tab in the Accounts. 2. Select Financial statements from the dropdown menu.   3. This will open the Manual Section Sort dialog below, where you can click the Financial Statement/Report you... Read More

How to tag a Custom Audit Report

The Custom Audit Report is not automatically tagged, it needs to be manually tagged.   Note: The Support team is not able to give advice on which information is required to be tagged or which tag is most appropriate to apply to a given piece of... Read More

Inserting a page number reference into the accounts

You can insert a page number reference anywhere within your Accounts. In the example below, there is a need to show pages for the Notes to the Accounts and we can insert the reference in a green text box. 1. Switch on (and unlock) Enable Editing... Read More

Options on the Accountants’ Report

To see the available options on the Accountants’ Report, click on the question mark below the heading. Select your professional body from the dropdown menu, if applicable.   You have the option to use page number references instead of... Read More

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