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 Primary Statements

'Difference to be cleared in b/fwd’ warning on the SOCIE

The below Difference to be cleared in b/fwd warning, on the prior year Statement of Changes in Equity (SOCIE), is due to the current year brought forward amount disagreeing with the prior year closing balance.   In this example, the Profit and Loss... Read More

Adjusting column widths

You have the option to adjust the column widths in Financial Statement and note tables. For specific guidance on setting narrow columns in the asset notes, please click here. 1. To adjust the column width, you must be in the Enable Editing mode ... Read More

Balance Sheet signature options

There are several signature options located at the foot of the Balance sheet. This article explains each option. If required, select the number of space lines required before signature(s) Choose from 0-10 lines between the wording and the... Read More

Cash at bank in hand not showing on the Balance Sheet

If Cash at bank in hand is missing from the Balance sheet, it may be that the note is switched off in the Accounts Preparation table and it will need to be switched on.     1. Select Accs Prep on the toolbar.     2. Switch the note on by... Read More

Cashflow Guide

Table of Contents Access Cashflow Changing the Period view Navigation Section Headers Breakdown Changing a figure Worked Example   Access Cashflow The Cashflow Worksheet can be opened from the Navigation section of the Toolbar, via the... Read More

Checking and changing how a row is populated - with QuickVid

You can check how a row is populated on most notes and financial statements in the accounts, with the exception of the SOCIE (for guidance on checking where a figure is coming from in the SOCIE click here). Rows are populated either from a note... Read More

Combining Debtors on the Balance Sheet - with QuickVid

By default, Caseware combines the Debtors values on the Balance Sheet into a single row. If these values are split into Debtors Due Within One Year and Debtors Due After One Year, you have the option to revert the layout. Navigate to the Debtors... Read More

Custom note referencing on statements

Custom notes are not covered by our standard referencing structure and will not work when trying to apply a note reference as shown here. 1. Select the {N#} you wish to apply the number to, select Style and then Change Style.   2. Select... Read More

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