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How to create and save custom report sections to use in multiple files

If you require customised report content to be used in multiple files, custom report sections can be created, saved and built into multiple AccountsAdvanced files.

Custom report sections must first be inserted into an existing set of accounts, click on the report section above where you require the custom section.

1. Click the add icon beneath the Note tab and select Extra report section.


 This will be inserted into the report as shown below.


2. Overtype the report section title and contents as required.

Once you are happy with the section it can be saved as a custom knowledge library (KL).

3. Select the new section and click the save icon beneath the Note tab.


4. Enter a name for the section and click OK.


 The custom report section will be saved in the below installation path.

Note: The beginning of the path may be different depending on the location of your Caseware installation.

C:\Program Files (x86)\CaseWare\Resources\Knowledge Library\Custom

The file name will begin Custom_RS_ followed by the name you gave to the section.

This file can be copied to the same location on other user’s machines, it will then be available for use in their AccountsAdvanced files.

5. To bring the custom report section into another Caseware file, place the cursor on the area above where you wish to insert the custom section.

6. Click on the add 
icon beneath the Note tab, select User defined and click on the custom report section you saved earlier.

This will then be built into the accounts.

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