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Tangible Fixed Assets b/fwds - with QuickVids

1. Differences may occur on the tangible fixed asset note even though the PY figures in the trial balance is correct.

This will be as a result of b/fwds for the CY not matching the c/fwds.

The PY net book value is driven from the CY b/fwd codes and they must match the accumulation of your cost mapping or depreciation mapping.


2. You may also find that the difference warning reads the following:


3. In the example above, the issue is the b/fwd amounts do not match the Prior Year figures.


4. The highlighted sections must match to clear the error on the face of the accounts; a journal must be applied to the current year nominals.


5. Once the b/fwd amounts match, the error will clear on the face of the accounts.


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