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Different types of cells


These only allow figures in the cells.

You get Numeric options as the second tab on the left hand side.

Within this section you have the options to do the following.

Display zero as: Zeros can be shown differently, as dashes, Nil or blank.

Decimal Points: Select amount of decimal points to show in that cell.

Currency/Unit Symbol: Show a symbol on that cell.



This type of cell populates both numbers and letters.

Under the Alphanumeric tab, there is an option to set the Cell Width to Variable, which will automatically word wrap.

It will then push wording over several lines, rather than hiding it out of view.



By default, the DDMMYY format is used, and has to be typed in this way.

Within the Cell properties Date is the second tab down.

There is an option to choose to use long format which will allow users to type the long date format.

There are also regional settings to show the dates in different formats.


Check Box

Several options within the Check Box tab.

An option to Checkmark allows a tick rather than a cross.

There is also an option to use images that differ depending on whether the box is checked or not.


Options for any cell

Under the Formatting tab, choose to put a single or double descended underline.

Under the Font tab, untick the Use Paragraph Font, this means any changes to font style and colour will affect the cell only.

Please see the following article on how to create a cell here.

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