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How to add a custom audit report to my AccountsAdvanced file?

Note: In this example, we will import an IFRS Audit report but the process is the same for other engagements. Custom audit reports in AccountsAdvanced need to be based on the custom audit report KL for that template. The required KL can be found... Read More

How to add bullet points to reports - with QuickVid

1. Select View and then Enable Editing. This will require a Password, from your firm's Super User.   2. Go to Presentation and select Edit. 3. In the text area, add a Hard Return after each Point, by pressing Enter.   4. Go to... Read More

How to change how the word 'Auditor' is displayed

You have the option to change how the word Auditor is displayed in the Accounts, via the General Info section of the Wizard and under the Auditors tab. Use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate description. Please see below results for each... Read More

How to create a continued header for a Custom Audit Report

By default, the custom Audit Report does not include Header 12 (which is the continued header). In order to bring this through, the first step is to create it within the custom Audit Report document - located within the Custom folder C:\Program... Read More

How to create, use and distribute a custom Accountants' Report

You have the option to use a custom Accountants' Report, in place of the Caseware default report. Once created, you can use the custom report in all AccountsAdvanced files.1. To create the custom report, browse to the Caseware installation path... Read More

How to edit continued header for the Strategic Report

To edit the continued header in the strategic report, for example in order to remove the Continued part of the header. 1. Access Enable Editing.   2. Click on the Document tab on the toolbar and select the drop-down under the Modify button. 3.... Read More

How to expand or close up address spacing in Audit Report

To close the spacing between name and address lines at foot of the audit report: 1. Click on the ? Signature options button: 2. Select Tick here to close up the address spacing. Alternatively, remove the tick to expand the address spacing. Read More

How to insert a manual page break

Page breaks can be inserted into green input text areas by pressing the Ctrl and Enter keys at the same time.  1. Select within the green input text where you want to insert a page break. 2. Press CTRL + Enter on the keyboard at the same time.... Read More

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