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Frequent/infrequent Caseware Cloud sign-in prompts

If you are being prompted to sign in to Cloud more/less frequently than desired, you can also amend the number of hours Caseware Cloud will leave users logged in before prompting them to sign in again. 1. Go to the settings option within Caseware... Read More

Getting files on and off the Cloud - with QuickVids

1. Open the engagement, select Online then Properties.   2. All child copies and their paths are identified below the cloud (parent) copy.   3. All child copies on each system should be opened to ensure all work is synchronised. 4. Once all work... Read More

How to remove a file from the Cloud

To perform the correct removal of a Cloud Syncronised file follow these steps. 1. Sync AssuranceAssuming the Cloud file originates from a server. Local synced copies should be in sync with the Cloud.   2. Ensure full synchronisationBefore deleting... Read More

Recovering deleted documents

In order to retrieve previous versions the user will need to access a document through the sync log which requires the exact name of the document. Therefore, the solution that follows is in two parts: 1. Finding the name of the file, and retrieving... Read More

Updating an Audit SmartSync file to the latest version

When installing the latest AuditAdvanced template version, you may wish to update a SmartSync file.   You can do this via the following process: 1. All users must delete all synced copies of the file, apart from the one copy to which the updates are... Read More