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AccountsAdvanced - Mapping Structure

Mapping Structure Map numbers link the nominal codes to lead schedules, working papers and final accounts.  This is the general structure employed by the Corporate and Charity formats: A. Fixed Assets B. Debtors Due After More Than 1 Year C.... Read More

Consolidated Trial Balance Report

You can create a Consolidated Trial Balance Report in an automatic document using the process below: 1. Take a copy of the standard (Mercia N1.1) Trial Balance document. 2. Adjust the following properties: Sample report: Note: Each entity within... Read More

Creating mapping numbers

Additional map codes can be created when values need to be split up on the face of the accounts.  Note: This is not available in all notes and statements but in most instances, the configure row option can be used to select the map number required. ... Read More

How to create a new mapping number

New mapping numbers can be created in the Assign Mappings screen. 1. Access the Assign Mappings screen by clicking on the icon beneath the Account tab in Caseware Working Papers.   2. Right-click on an existing mapping number within the... Read More

How to remove split accounts

A plus sign next to an account number indicates that the account has been split. Note: We do not currently support split accounts, see below steps on how to remove them.  1. Open the split account by selecting the + icon.   2. The following... Read More

Importing a TB with mapping codes

This will require an Excel version of the Trial Balance, with a column containing the Default Map codes assigned against each Account being Imported. 1. Under the Engagement tab, select Import and then Excel File. 2. Run the Import as normal... Read More

Lead Schedule based on Map Number

Caseware already contains some standard lead schedules built in. However, it may be required to create a custom Lead Schedule based on the Map Number. To do this, it is easier to use one of the standard Lead Schedules and customise it. The Lead... Read More

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