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Applying multiple Types to raised Issues

Multiple Issues Types can be raised within your file. 1. Within the Issues window select the Type dropdown, there are tick boxes next to each possible. 2. All relevant Issue types can be ticked.  3. Once this has been applied, the Issue Type... Read More

Before performing a Year End Close

Before performing a Year End Close: 1. Ensure that all Caseview documents for the file are closed. 2. Run a TB Diagnostics and check the report to verify that there are no errors in the file. 3. Back up your file. 4. Ensure that there are no other... Read More

Building in Lead Schedules - with QuickVid

1. To build in Lead schedules, navigate to the Wizard.  2. Click on the Engagement setup tab within the Start section of the Wizard. 3. Select the required referencing structure. 4. Under the Lead schedules heading, select Add to include the... Read More

Can I change the Enable Editing password?

As this is a set password, it is not possible to change the enable editing password (this is the password you enter in when selecting View, Enable editing from the toolbar within Caseview)   It will be up to your company on how the password is... Read More

Caseware History Settings

This article explains how the System Administrator should configure the history settings within Caseware Working Papers. History Database Files The History database file (HI.DBF) contains history records and generally should not become very large.... Read More

Completing & clearing Issues

Before completing and clearing an Issue, use the second text field to enter a Resolution: Completion Use the dropdown menu to set the Status:     When set to Completed, the Issue will remain under its assigned type and appear on the relevant... Read More

Compressing prior year files automatically after roll forward

Caseware provides users with the ability to compress their prior-year file while rolling forward to next year. 1. When the engagement file is ready to be rolled forward, from the menus, select Engagement then Year End Close. The Year End Close... Read More

Copy Components - Intermediate Webinar - 17th May 2023

Please find below a recording of our Copy Components webinar, held on 17th May 2023. Session Highlights Copying a Chart of Accounts Replacing documents Updating mapping For more useful links, check out our webinar handout.   For more... Read More

Customising Lead Schedules

Lead Schedule References In Your Trial Balance By default your Working Papers file will have LS references pre-populated linking your mapped figures or selected LS references to the lead schedule. The available referencing systems are shown in the... Read More

Customising the Issues Dialogue

Customising the Issues Dialogue Caseware users now have the ability to customise the Issues dialogue by selecting which features should be present. 1. To customise the dialogue, right click on the Issues pane and select Settings then Cutomise Types.... Read More

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