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 Entering Figures

Changing the year end date

If you need to amend to the year end you will need to take into consideration any transactions and journals made that would fall outside the current period beforehand. Access to the engagement properties in Caseware.   Note: Before doing so ensure... Read More

Eliminating journal entries - Consolidation - with QuickVid

Within adjusting entries, you are able to select which subsidiary or parent each part of the journal relates to. This allows inter-company entries: Set the journal type to Eliminating for all consolidation adjustments. To enter prior period... Read More

Exporting your Working Trial Balance to Excel

There is no automatic way to export the current Working Trial Balance to Excel. However, this can be achieved by using the Copy and Paste process. 1. Open your Working TB. 2. Click into any of the cells and press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to... Read More

How can I remove unused accounts?

By default, the working trial balance includes Caseware account codes in all new files. If you want to import your own (or another accounting software’s codes) the first step is to remove the standard codes. 1. Ensure there are no... Read More

How to change the dates of an engagement

When changing the dates of an engagement it will need to be amended within the engagement properties screen under the Reporting Dates tab.    Once this is corrected the dates will also need to be amended with the journals that have been... Read More

How to create Recurring journals

If you require any journals to roll forward with the Year End Close routine, you have the option to make them Recurring in the Adj. Entries screen. 1. Select the Adj. Entries option from the navigation bar in Working Papers.   2. Select the radio... Read More

How to import a Trial Balance from Excel/ASCII into Caseware

Note: If your Excel trial balance includes mapping numbers that you wish to import, please ensure the mapping numbers are correct for the template you have based your Caseware file on. For example, 7-digit mapping numbers in the Accounts V3... Read More

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