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 Installation and Setup

Moving an xBase Data Store to a new server

1. Locate the folder Data Store on your old server. If you are unsure of where to find it, from the menu bar click Tools then Options and Data Store you will be able to see the location in the Server field.   2. Copy this folder to your new... Read More

Network Licence information not retaining

Once the machine has been registered when closing and re-opening the program it should remember this information. If the program needs to be re-register when re-entering Caseware, it is because you do not have permission to write this information to... Read More

Performance issues

Things to check when experiencing performance issues: Have you got the latest Working Papers installed?   Are you up-to-date with ePacks/Audit templates?  ... Read More

Renewing a Network License

Network codes are distributed in the following format:-   *E uTFussEIMBxDm:lTJK2n3kxgG:pXiasP4PGn1HnAOBLc8WBdJGIi7PEDVRFuhVB2fqxbkOtMxLPR00pW:Co03FLaVWJw3E:I:xfhtPQmAZxe3I3iWwsIzX8p:UkUgRytZ9f13TDwOF4XXaKY8QvFAVC731HwwDVSKQytL... Read More

Repackaging Template Files

Note: The following instructions are based on a Stand Alone installation After a template has been installed, you can repackage it if you've made changes and you wish to redistribute the changed template. You can only repackage if the template... Read More

Sentinel RMS Development Kit: Error [88] No Net error

If the following error message is received when trying to add a license to the license manager, the system variables will need to be added. Note: This will also show as no-net as shown below.   Note: Instructions may differ on different versions... Read More

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