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Guidance on Migrating to a new Terminal Server/Hosted Server/License Server

On the New Server

1. Install Caseware Working Papers.

2. Install the Caseware templates that are relevant to your firm (contact Technical Support if you are unsure).

For Caseware Working Papers program & template installation guidance, click here.

3. Install any ePacks (if required).

For guidance on our latest downloads, click here.

4. Install the Network License administrator tool.

For Network licensing administrator installation & configuration guidance, click here.

Click here for guidance on best practices for Citrix and terminal server environments.


Moving the DataStore

If you are using a DataStore, follow the guidance to move it to the new server:

Guide to moving an xBase DataStore

Guide to moving an SQL DataStore


Getting a Temporary Server Licence

Generate a locking code on the new server and send it to our Business Support team at In the email, ask for a temporary license for testing the new server.


Arranging for the Server to Go Live

1. Once you are happy that the new system is up and running, choose a date for the transfer.

2. Copy the data directory from the old server to the location on the new server.

Caseware data files can be moved without having to change any registration of the file, as they are flat-form databases and not SQL.

3. Set any default paths in Caseware, as required (for example, if you storing the data in a different location to the standard path). Click here for further guidance on default paths.

4. Ensure that Caseware is up and running with the new users and data.

5. Contact our Business Support team, requesting a new network license code to last until the end of the license period.


Transfer of the Licence

Arrange a suitable date for Technical Support to revoke the license from the old server and apply it to the new server. This is carried out within one call, during which we would set up a screenshare to carry out the transfer of the license. During the transfer, the software will be unavailable to users for a short time.

Caseware Technical Support will be on hand to assist you through this process and will be happy to run installation checks. This will ensure everything has been installed correctly before the server goes live.


Registering the Machine to Access the New Server License

1. On one machine, open Caseware and select the dropdown menu for Network license server.

2. Select the new server that contains the license.

3. Select OK.

4. Return to licensing, ensuring the correct server is selected and the expiry date is correct.

5. Once complete, open the registry and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CaseWare\Working Papers\2019.00\CWLS

6. Copy the contents and deploy to all users via Group Policy.


For further assistance, please email


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