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 Installation and Setup

Setting up automatic milestones - with QuickVid

Follow the steps below to activate automatic milestones for your CaseView documents: 1. Within a CaseView document, navigate to File and Version History: 2. Select Options: 3. Tick the box to Generate milestone automatically when saving and select... Read More

Software Registration

For guidance on registering your Caseware Working Papers application, please click here. Read More

Standalone vs Network licencing

There are two types of licencing options that can be used for Caseware, these are Standalone and Network. If you need to change from one type of licencing to another please contact our support department. Standalone - This is an authorisation code,... Read More

Temp Directory

The temp directory is a folder which contains files that are only needed temporarily. These files don't always get deleted after their job is done, resulting in wasted drive space and slowing Caseware down. Manual Process To open the temp... Read More

Upgrade Considerations

For further considerations when upgrading to the latest version of Caseware Working Papers, please click here.   Read More

Using a Global Font

It is possible to use a Global Font within your accounts rather than change the font of each style to suit. 1. Open Working Papers. 2. Go To Computer settings from the Other docs within the digital dashboard.   3. Select Font List and enter your... Read More

What is Caseware Connector?

Caseware Connector is an add-in that links MS Excel and MS Word to Caseware files, enabling any changes in Caseware data to be reflected immediately in any linked Word or Excel document. Use Connector for a wide range of accounting applications,... Read More

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