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 Notes to the Accounts

How do I hide my Authorised Share Capital? - with QuickVid

You have the option to show or hide Authorised figures on the Share Capital note.   If you do not want to disclose your Authorised Share Capital, navigate to the General Info section of the Wizard and open the Share Structure tab. Under Financial... Read More

How is my Auditors Remuneration note populated?

The only figures that are populated by mapping within the Auditors' remuneration is the line for Fees payable to the Company's auditor for the audit of the Company's auditor and its associates for the audit of the Company's... Read More

How is the Provisions note populated?

The Provisions note is populated via the mapped trial balance, other than the Prior Year Adjustment row, which is an input row. To show Unused rows, please see this article. The mapping numbers used to populate each column/row in the note are shown... Read More

How the netbook value is calculated on the asset notes

Caseware calculates the Netbook value (on asset notes) from the figures shown on the face of the account.    Current year Netbook value:  Caseware calculates the current year from the closing balance for the cost and depreciation. For the example... Read More

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