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 Notes to the Accounts

How to insert a custom note - with QuickVid

You have the option to insert a custom note for additional disclosure in the accounts. For guidance on the types of custom notes available, click here. 1. Place the cursor on the section prior to where the custom note is required. 2. Select the Add... Read More

How to insert a manual page break

Page breaks can be inserted into green input text areas by pressing the Ctrl and Enter keys at the same time.  1. Select within the green input text where you want to insert a page break. 2. Press CTRL + Enter on the keyboard at the same time.... Read More

How to insert a new section into a note - with QuickVid

You can add new sections into notes or financial statement in the accounts, with the exception of the SOCIE. A section consists of a subheading, rows and a subtotal. 1. Show all unused rows on the note via the Show all unused rows icon beneath the... Read More

How to insert a note number reference - with QuickVid

Note number references can be inserted into any user input text area in the Accounts. 1. Enable Editing mode, accessed via the View menu. Contact your Caseware super user for the Enable Editing password if required.   2. Once in the Enable... Read More

How to insert a two-column user-input note?

1. Place your cursor on the section before where you want to add the input note. 2. On the Note section of the Toolbar, select Add Note and then Extra Input Note.   3. The input note will insert as below. To add rows to this note, see the... Read More

How to insert page breaks - with QuickVid

You can insert a page break before and/or after any note, financial statement, accounting policy or report section. 1. Click anywhere within the note and select the Insert page break before this note icon beneath the Note tab to insert a page break... Read More

How to insert user text into notes and statements

You have the option to insert text before, within or after a table. 1. Click on any row in the table and use the appropriate insert user text icon beneath the Note tab. 2. The far left icon will insert text before the table, the middle icon within... Read More

How to justify text

Text justification can be amended by changing the Style properties. 1. Place the cursor in the area of text that needs to be justified and double-click into the style box beneath the Style tab. 2. Use the paragraph buttons to change the justification... Read More

How to link a cell to multiple mapping numbers - with QuickVid

Use cell linkage to populate a cell from multiple mapping numbers. 1. Set the row configuration to Custom calculation, via the row configuration button under the Table tab.   2. Click the cell you wish to amend and select the Cell button under... Read More

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