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 Notes to the Accounts

How to modify a note number reference

Note number references can be shown on the financial statements or notes. They can also be inserted into user input text areas. For guidance on adding a note number column to a financial statement or note click here. For guidance on inserting a... Read More

How to populate a row from a note total - with QuickVid

You have the option to populate any row in the Accounts from a note total, with the exception of rows on the SOCIE.  To populate a row from a note total, select the Configure row icon beneath the Table tab. The below dialog will open. Select the... Read More

How to populate the First Time Adoption of FRS102 note

Note: This article is also applicable to the First Time Adoption of FRS101 note. The First Time Adoption of FRS102 note is populated from both mapping and manual input of figures. The as restated balances are calculated from the mapped trial... Read More

How to re-load a table layout

You might wish to revert a table back to default, if you have made changes. You can do this by re-loading the table layout. Note: All customisations including, row descriptions and applied rounding, will be lost upon re-loading the table layout. Any... Read More

How to remove an inserted note - with QuickVid

To remove an inserted note, select the note title (or any row within the note) and click the Remove button beneath the Note tab. Note: Once removed, it is not possible to restore an inserted note. Use the same method to remove a default Caseware... Read More

How to remove brackets from a row

In the example below, the figures on Row one are correct, however, for the calculation to be correct the brackets are not required around the figures.   To remove the brackets please click on one of the figures within the row, select the Table tab... Read More

How to restore a row to default values

If you have made changes to a row on a note, you have the option to restore the row to default values.  1. In the example below, the Trade Debtors row has been re-configured. 2. This is indicated by the yellow exclamation mark next to the row.  ... Read More

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